Andrew Allanson
Andrew attended Wakefield School of Art where he studied Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Printmaking and Art History. After a move from Yorkshire to Wiltshire, Andrew's studies continued, with the addition of Graphic Design, 3D Design, Photography and Illustration.

Now based in Wiltshire, Andrew has worked for many years in the Advertising and Design industry employing his skills as a designer, illustrator and director of photography.
To meet the demands of the advertising business, Andrew became a specialist in digital imaging and eventually roled all his skills together to form his own business offering a 'start to finish' creative imaging service, from concepts and visuals through to finished images.

Tresco Studios, offers a range of services from Commercial Photography to high end large format Fine Art repro.

Over the years many leading companies have benefited from Andrew's creative input.
Clients have included: Mitsubishi Motors, Alcatel Lucent, Nationwide, Pentax, Fujifilm, nPower, and Intel, to name but a few.

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